What we do

Muggera is fortunate to have many team members who have extensive skills over many disciplines. Below is a list of the service we can provide for you.

If you don't see what you are looking for below, head to the contact page and send us an email.


Traditional Dance Performances

Live song, dance and didgeridoo

Live Traditional Aboriginal Dance Performances perfect for schools, organisations, major and corporate events.

Smoking Ceremony

Live, on site and tailored to your needs.

Live Traditional Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony perfect for schools, organisations, major and corporate events.


Didgeridoo Performance

Live with historical explanation

Live Didgeridoo Performance, with history of the instrument, crowd participate (where applicable), and demonstrations. This performance is perfect for schools, organisations, smaller events and those who have a small budget.

Visual Art Workshops

Creating Aboriginal Art (Team Building)

A Muggera Aboriginal art workshop teaches the meanings of ancient art symbols and styles. Students also learn about Aboriginal body painting and their meanings of traditional song-lines that connect the land and the people.


School Incursions

Designed to assist schools in meeting curriculum and community engagement goals/learning outcomes.

Students participate in all day workshops that include:

  • Smoking Ceremony

  • Welcome Song & Dance Performance

  • Didgeridoo Performance

  • Artefacts, Weaponry, Bush Survival

  • Aboriginal Song and Dance Workshop

  • Aboriginal Art (On Canvas)

  • Boomerang Throwing

  • Farewell Concert with Student and Teacher Participation

Hip-Hop Dance Performances and Workshops

Get up and moving with a new style of Hip-Hop from leading Indigenous dancers.

Have fun and learn some Hip Hop dance while your at it. This High powered, energetic and most of all FUN dance and health workout is perfect for your event, we'll get the crowd moving and grooving. The best part is you don't even need to know how to dance, leave that up to us and we'll turn you into a pro in no time.





Contemporary Indigenous Dance Performances and Workshops

Classes and workshops that fuse Aboriginal culture with contemporary dance.

Live performances or workshops. 

Combining Contemporary dance with Traditional Indigenous movement. 

Artefacts and Weponary Workshops

Learn about some of the oldest tools and weaponry known to man. 

This is a hands on learning and fun experience. Learn about some of the oldest tools known to man, how we Indigenous people used them, made them and adapted to the changing landscape and how we still use them today in the modern world.